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How to prepare your trip to Portugal?

Are you planning your upcoming trip to Portugal or the Azores Islands? It may be leisure travel, business, vacation, adventure, hiking at the National Park, keep in mind that responsible travel is about the attitude you take.

Being a responsible traveler seems overwhelming at first, but if you break it down one by one, traveling responsibly can actually be fascinating.

So, how can you plan a more responsible trip?

Avoid peak-season travel: many destinations see a massive spike in visitors during certain months, having a significant impact on local communities, the environment, and experience. By visiting at alternative times of year, you will experience a more special travel and provide many benefits for local communities.

Stay longer: It is better to do fewer, longer trips to curb your travel emissions. You do not need to have fewer travel days – just think about how you use them.

Select your stays: handpick places to stay that follow standard sustainable practices and that go beyond in their efforts to give back to the environment and the local community

Choose local businesses: Locally owned businesses, hotels, restaurants, guides and other services help create a positive impact. Choose businesses with the sustainable travel labels.

Select a sustainable tour operator: select a business committed with sustainable tourism practices to reduce their negative impact, with focus on creating benefits for local communities, protecting the environment by means of conservation projects and animal welfare.


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