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We believe that we can all make a difference and that yes, small gestures can change the world


Traveling with Explore Iberia means that you are contributing for nature conservation initiatives and local communities projects. For each trip we donate to a selected ONG.

You're always welcome to take part on all the activities. learn more


We want you to feel part of our culture, of our community, of our country. We are glad to invite you to a visit of a local development project or a conservation initiative during your journey.


Local products, local guides, family-run business, eco-friendly business, animal welfare. These are our choices when carefully planning your holiday. Small gestures and options that make all the difference. 

You travel, we donate!

During this year when travelling with Explore Iberia you're supporting the work of Manuel Sobrino Senra, "El Naturalista Cojo".

An inspiring example of how passion for nature can overcome physical limitations. His work at El Naturalista Cojo is a valuable source of information about wildlife and the environment in the Minho River estuary. Learn more about his work:

In 2023, your travels contributed to Palombar – Conservation of Nature and Rural Heritage is a non-governmental environmental non-profit organization, created in 2000, whose mission is to preserve biodiversity, wild, forest and agricultural ecosystems and built rural heritage, such as traditional techniques of construction.

Learn more about this project 

How your holiday makes the difference?

Since our very first days, responsible tourism has been at the heart of what we do. We handpick all our destinations, meticulously choosing all partners, ensuring that they are committed with sustainable development.  

Our guided and self-guided holidays are designed with local guides, using  family-run hotels,  guesthouses, transfers and restaurants.

During the walks, our packed lunches and picnic are sourced from local suppliers.

How to be a responsible traveler?

The way you travel, the regions you decide to visit, the choices you make on how to spend your money and where, can have a huge impact on communities and nature. Responsible travel is about the attitude you take!

See our blog post for suggestions and inspirations, so you can travel longer and preserve for future generations !



EN ECSTPA logo Partners transp.png

Proudly partners of  ​Alto Minho European Charter for Sustainable Tourism since 2019.

We understand that the engagement of local businesses is vital to the effective development and management of sustainable tourism. We are actively involved in the process of pursuing and achieving sustainable tourism practices, ensuring that ecosystems, landscapes and cultural values are conserved for future generations.


Certificate number: BTO 004/2022 RTI

The Biosphere Certified label is awarded after verifying that sustainable practices are being implemented correctly. It is a guarantee that the entity is fulfilling its commitments.

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