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Iberian Wolf Tracks & Traces

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Experience the feeling of walking through the Iberian wolf territory. Following  tracks and traces learn more about this fascinating animal and the importance for its conservation. Peneda Gerês National Park is a place where natural and cultural heritage match uniquely. Human density is extremely low and local villages are oasis of culture and ethnography. We invite you to join us at Peneda-Gerês and hike along beautiful Iberian wolf paths, experiencing all these secrets and natural wonders.


How does this trip benefit the destination?

This tour was designed by our local partner.  The itinerary was carefully designed respecting the protected areas regulations.

Birding in Northern Portugal



 Amazing birdwatching tour at the less known areas of Portugal, close to the borderline. The deep valley of  Côa river, offer an important nesting area for some Mediterranean birds.  The most emblematic are the raptors, standing out the Bonelli’s Eagle, the Iberian Imperial Eagle and the Short-toed Eagle. This is also the homeland of vultures. And three species can be seen, the Egyptian, the Griffon and the Black vultures. The threatened Black Stork, the Azure-winged Magpie, the Spotless Starling, the Spanish Sparrow, the Woodchat Shrike, the Bee Eater and the Orphean Warbler are other highlights of this territory. Among many others.


How does this trip benefit the destination?

This tour was designed by our local guide Fernando, hand-picking the best  birding spots.

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