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Camino Portuguese De Santiago


Unforgettable cycling adventure along the Portuguese Coastal Way to Santiago, where sandy beaches, quaint villages await your exploration between the historic city of Porto and Santiago de Compostela.


Welcome to Porto!

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D2 PORTO » VILA DO CONDE | 35 km /21.7 miles

The first stage of the Portuguese Coastal Camino between Porto and Matosinhos is a scenic coastal walk. Starting from the historic Sé district in Porto, follow the Douro and Atlantic coastline towards Vila do Conde.

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D3 VILA DO CONDE » VIANA DO CASTELO | 49 km / 30.4 miles

Your journey along the Camino continues. Swiftly leaving the city behind, you venture into the rural area. Winding through old paths, often graced with panoramic views of the sea, your route unfolds seamlessly until you reach the charming village the charming riverside town of Viana do Castelo.

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D4 VIANA DO CASTELO » OIA | 46 km / 28.5 miles

The stage begins with a crossing of the Minho River into Galicia, Spain, aboard a small boat. Passing by the fishing village of A Guarda, your journey continues northward, offering more breathtaking views of the ocean along the way.

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D5 OIA » VIGO | 43 km / 26.6 miles

Today you will follow the coast from Baiona to Nigrán and finally to the city of Vigo. You will enjoy fantastic views of the Bay of Vigo, with the magnificent Illas Cíes and its Natural Park in the horizon.

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D6 VIGO » PONTEVEDRA | 34 km / 21.2 miles

Day stage you will be surrounded by a pleasant countryside, with traditional houses and horreos (barns). The medieval bridge Pontesampaio and Pontevedra historical center are some of the day highlights.

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D7 PONTEVEDRA » PADRÓN | 41 km / 25.5 mileS

Diverse stage that will take us to Padrón. In the village the legendary church of Santiago resides “el Pedrón” in which, according to the legend”, the disciples of the apostle Santiago moored the boat that transported the mortal remains of the apostle once they arrived to the coasts of Padrón after sailing the river Ulla.

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Last stage! Today you will find a high density of urbanized areas, confirming that you are reaching the finish line. On the way two milestones, the monumental collegiate church of Iria Flavia and the Esclavitude church.

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A well-deserved rest after a beautiful adventure along the Camino de Santiago, with a free day to enjoy and explore the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela.

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After breakfast end of our services.

Transfer to Porto or other destinations available under request


To make the experience of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago enjoyable, you need to know basic bike maintenance and be adept at riding rugged terrains.

Most of the time your route will be the same route that pilgrims follow on foot and there is no specific cycle route. The route is a combination of rural paths (asphalt, cobblestones or dirt), forest trails (dirt or gravel, uneven and sometimes rocky), secondary roads and some main roads (both on asphalt).

Along the journey, you may sometimes encounter some steep climbs and descents, so good advance physical preparation is necessary in order to do this trip.

It is essential that you have experience with mountain bikes and basic bicycle repair knowledge, punctures may occur during the Camino.

Physical Rating

Total Walking Distance


Price per Person

260km / 161.5 Miles

8 Days / 6 Walks

From €1,100

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