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The Mystic Azores


Explore Iberia - Walking and Hiking tours in Portugal.

Three islands of charm and character flourish in the heart of the Atlantic. Faial, the island of hydrangeas spreads around a spectacular crater; and the charming city of Horta, a stopover for great sailors, radiates a cosmopolitan atmosphere. São Jorge, the island-mountain, wild with its secret villages, stretches like a ship. The island of Pico stands its silhouette of majestic volcano under fumaroles. On its flanks, large lava flows covered with endemic forests and vast pastures, run down to the coast.



DAY 1 - Arrival Faial Island

DAY 2 - Caldeira walking Trail

DAY 3 - Capelinhos and ferry to São Jorge Island

DAY 4 - Fajã de Santo Cristo walking trail

DAY 5 - Ferry to Pico Island and Vineyards walking trail 

DAY 6 - Pico mountain 2 351 meters  (Portugal Highest peak) 

DAY 7 - Lava tunnel and ferry to Faial

DAY 8 - Departure

* Why not extend your visit São Miguel? Talk with us!

How does this trip benefit the destination?

This tour was designed by our local partners Josefina and Olivier. The itinerary was carefully designed respecting the protected areas regulations. The accommodations and restaurants that we use are a small scale and usually family-run businesses. 


  • Personalised route notes

  • Poco Mountain guide and permit

  • ​Accommodation​

  • 24/7 phone support

  • Transfers and boat tickets between islands

  • GPS and Roadbook

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